Top 10 Hard Sports Trivia 2013

Do you know what a “chucker” is in basketball? What about a “chirp” in hockey? If a baseball commentator says “He smacks it hard and it goes long and deep”, would you understand what he’s trying to suggest? This is hard sports trivia and only the true enthusiasts will be able to comprehend this type of sports terminology.

If you’re a true-blue sports junkie, online trivia games are surely one of the things you delight in. Take note, this is a rare collection of sports trivia Q and A which you may want to keep and share in your next scheduled meet-up with your friends and family.

Basketball Sports Trivia

hard sports trivia

1. Did you know that basketball was originally played using a soccer ball on Dec 21, 1891? It was Dr. James Naismith who thought of an indoor game, that was initially done by making use of a peach basket, hence the derivative name “basket” + “ball”. What’s interesting to note is that in the initial games played, the game was temporarily paused and someone was assigned to retrieve the ball from the basket. It was only later on that the lower portion of the basket was cut off, so that the ball could go through. Eventually, the basket evolved to become a net which is what is used today.

2. The modern basketball as it is known today, was only introduced in 1929, almost 4 decades after the first basketball game was played.

Soccer Sports Trivia

hard sports trivia

3. It is known as soccer in North America, but it is also known worldwide as what? Answer: Football. Soccer was a game developed in London’s Newgate Prison in the 1800’s, where the prisoners who had their hands cut off for crimes came up with a sport using only their feet.

4. And wait until you hear this. Until 1908, soccer balls were made from the inflated stomach tissue of executed Irish prisoners. Canada now considers soccer as its national sport.

Baseball Sports Trivia

hard sports trivia

5. It’s a known fact that baseball is America’s pastime. But did you know that on Aug 23, 2011, the lowest record of attendance, ever, for a Major League Baseball game was only 347 people? The Florida Marlins played the Cincinnati Reds on this date but most baseball fans who purchased tickets decided to flee the area due to Hurricane Irene.

6. The world’s longest baseball bat is only 120 feet long, and weighs 68,000 pounds. It resembles the 34-inch wood bat that Bambino, Babe Ruth swung which was made by Louisville Slugger. The bat is now housed in the Louisville Slugger Museum in Louisville, Kentucky.

Tennis Sports Trivia

hard sports trivia

7. Did you know that the first women to play in the Wimbledon Tournament wore full-length dresses? It may have been quite difficult to move around in these full-length skirts. The fastest server in women’s tennis is Venus Williams who recorded a serve of 205 km/hour.

Hockey/Ice Hockey Sports Trivia  

hard sports trivia

8. The earliest hockey games were played outdoors using chunks of frozen cow dung. For obvious reasons, the rubber disc is now more preferred than its earlier counterpart. Both are called hockey but are played differently. The emphasis in ice hockey is speed and power. Roller hockey gives importance to puck possession and playing the puck backwards.

Volleyball Sports Trivia

hard sports trivia

9. Volleyball was originally called “Mintonette”. It is estimated that most players jump, on an average, of 300 times for every match. This means players need a lot of energy and requires extreme intensity and vitality.

Boxing Sports Trivia 

hard sports trivia

10. Why is it called a “Boxing Ring” even if it’s a square? During the time of the Romans, when boxing was first introduced, the contenders were required to stay within a circular ring drawn on the arena floor. The same name was adopted and carried over up until the present.

These hard sports trivia may be a short list, but these questions and answers are great bits of info you don’t encounter every day. Hope you enjoy them like the sports you play, and win them like you envisioned. As Ronnie Lott says: “If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.”