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Playing the Odds

Hello lads! My name is Patrick and i am a Gambler in soul and heart. This blog is dedicated to give you a better insight on this topic exactly! I used to play Poker part-time as a hobby a few years ago, and ever since i got sucked into the realm of betting and gambling.… Read More »

Top 10 Hard Sports Trivia 2013

Do you know what a “chucker” is in basketball? What about a “chirp” in hockey? If a baseball commentator says “He smacks it hard and it goes long and deep”, would you understand what he’s trying to suggest? This is hard sports trivia and only the true enthusiasts will be able to comprehend this type… Read More »

Interesting Strip Poker Story: Read On

I’m a poker pro and I carved a name for myself playing in free online poker sites when I started. I honed my poker skills in these poker sites before I decided to go pro. I’ve raked in huge sums of cash from winning several online tournaments. Unsurprisingly, I’ve gained quite a reputation as a… Read More »

10 Best Online Casinos For USA Players

People who like to play casino online are looking for sites that give out promotions, bonuses and of course, more chances of winning. People from all over the world, especially the Americans, are constantly on the lookout for legitimate online sites where they can enjoy the various games available. Amazingly, these casino sites, with all… Read More »

The Essential How-to Guide for Online Pokerstars Play Money

Poker is a card game that and requires a bet before the game can proceed. Due to its popularity, it is now available in the Internet. Pokerstars is a popular online gambling company that focuses on online poker. It started operating in 2001 but it took 3 months for Pokerstars play money. The use of… Read More »

10 Top Sports Gambling Sites

If you’re new to the online gambling world then this guide to the top sports gambling sites is a must- read. There may be hundreds of gambling sites in the internet and probably half of them are up to no good. There are trustworthy online gambling sites and there are the dodgy ones. You need… Read More »