Interesting Strip Poker Story: Read On

I’m a poker pro and I carved a name for myself playing in free online poker sites when I started. I honed my poker skills in these poker sites before I decided to go pro. I’ve raked in huge sums of cash from winning several online tournaments. Unsurprisingly, I’ve gained quite a reputation as a poker god. But not a lot of people know that my career in poker started 15 years ago with strip poker. Read on and find out my strip poker story.

strip poker story

My strip poker story was way back when I was in junior high. I was quite close with Colin, a hustler who frequented the pool halls and race tracks. Colin was, for a lack of a better term, a juvenile delinquent. He was constantly involved in the world of illegal gambling. Naturally, Colin was a master at poker.

One night, Colin called me up and invited me to his house. His parents were away and he said that he was having some girls over. I didn’t even have to think about it and immediately headed straight to his house. The girls were already inside when I got to Colin’s house. They were all positioned on the carpet of the living room. Colin introduced the girls to me. Although this happened fifteen years ago, but I still remember all the girls’ names: Joan, Annabelle and Christine.

I joined them on the floor and immediately noticed a deck of cards. I asked Colin about it and he said that we were going to play strip poker.

“Can I just watch you guys play? I don’t know how to play poker.” I said. My statement was met with a lot of derision. They said that it wouldn’t be fair if I get free looks and not be part of the game. So Colin gave me a crash course on the basics of poker. I finally agreed to play because they were all pressuring me.

strip poker story

After five hands I was down to my boxer shorts while everyone else still had their clothes on. I was new to the game and didn’t know how to play smart. Surprisingly, the girls were as good as Colin at poker. I didn’t win the next few hands but managed to keep my boxers on for a few minutes. And then I got a really nasty hand that spelled my doom. I naturally lost that round and off my boxers went.

All the girls were staring at me at that point as I had one hand holding my cards while the other covered my genitals. The girlish giggles from the three ladies did not help my confidence. After a few inconsequential rounds where a couple of the girls lost their shoes, they decided to end the game.

I quickly realized that Colin just pulled a fast one on me. But I didn’t hate him for that, but instead asked him to help me with my game. Colin coached me up to the point where I became as good as he was. I pleaded with him to invite the three girls again to another game of strip poker. Suffice to say that I held my own kept my clothes on. It was the girls turn to lose their clothes. And on that night I finally got to the see naked breasts and a full head of bush for the first time.

I didn’t stop learning about poker because Colin kept inviting girls over for games of strip poker. If the girls we invited would agree then we’d surely know we’d get their clothes off at some point. My enthusiasm and fondness for poker grew with the prospect of seeing more naked girls. It was all well and good until I realized that you can make money playing poker too. But that’s another story.

Do you have your own strip poker story to tell?