10 Top Sports Gambling Sites

If you’re new to the online gambling world then this guide to the top sports gambling sites is a must- read.

There may be hundreds of gambling sites in the internet and probably half of them are up to no good. There are trustworthy online gambling sites and there are the dodgy ones. You need to be able to appraise each site to come up with the decision on where to place your bets.

If you’re a gambling man then you know that the best gambling strategy is one that limits risks. Without further ado, below are the top 10 gambling sites that are trustworthy.

#10 Betdaq


They’re new players to the online sports gambling community but already proving to be solid performers. Betdaq offers lower commission rates compared to other sites. This sets them apart and is the reason why they are slowly growing to be an online betting site mainstay. They offer points to their bettors that they can exchange for prizes and gifts.

#9 Betfair


Betfair set the online sports gambling world ablaze when they introduced the concept of a sports betting exchange. An exchange is different because you bet against other bettors, unlike traditional sports books where you bet against the bookie (and the odds set).

#8 Ladbrokes


This site is a common household name for sports gambling enthusiasts. Ladbrokes offers special promos and reward bettors with bonuses. They have a matched bet feature for players who just signed up. Ladbrokes has options for PayPal, but they also have physical betting shops strewn all around Europe.  So payment and deposit options become much easier when you bet with Ladbrokes.

#7 Totesport


Totesport was the de facto bookmaker of the British government for decades but has since been privatized. Totesport’s strong suit is in horse racing. In fact, they are strong supporters of horse racing in the UK. They also feature a betting pool where the pooled money gets paid to the winners.

#6 ComeOn!


Another new player, ComeOn! hasn’t been around that long but they are steadily gaining ground in the online gambling community. They are very generous with their rewards and operate a loyalty program. And what’s great with ComeOn! is that you earn points by withdrawing, depositing, betting or just by simply logging in. These points are convertible to gifts from their store.

#5 BetVictor


BetVictor is known to be the online betting site to have the best odds. They are one of the few sites that offers a money-back scheme. They also have a VIP program for their active bettors.

#4 Sky Bet

Sky Bet

They were the first online betting site to offer a no deposit bet to new players. This was considered a risky move back then, but it certainly paid off. This promo has since been replaced with a free bet offer. Sky Bet’s website is streamlined and very easy to navigate. They also have mobile betting options for those always on the go.

#3 BetFred


BetFred is now known as the ‘bonus king’. They do offer a lot of bonuses to their bettors and their promotions are very frequent as well. BetFred has a high matched bet offer and they run a number of special bets for their players. If you’re open to several types of betting play then BetFred can provide that for you.

#2 Bet365


They have one of the highest sign-up bonus and their promos are even more fantastic. Their minimum betting requirement is one of the lowest in the industry. Plus, they have a wide variety of live streaming sports on their site. Bet365 is a good bet when betting online.

#1 Coral


The redesign of their website is proof that Coral is serious in maintaining their top spot. They offer really competitive odds that few online sports betting sites just can’t compete. Their bonus and rewards program is also a strong point. They offer cash back specials and free bet promotions on all sporting event.