Herpes Blitz Protocol Review by Josh Park: Discover the Natural Ingredients

 It is life-threatening when a person has suffered a disease caused by a virus. Also, societal discrimination can lead to stigma of the person who is infected. Herpes is an example of a sexually transmitted disease that has two types namely: Herpes simplex virus- 1 (HSV-1) and Herpes simplex virus-2 (HSV-2). The disease affects the external genitalia, anal region, mucosal surface including the skin. Also, this type of virus is transmitted through asymptomatic shedding which means that there are no symptoms or the person is unaware that he/she is infected.

This Herpes Blitz Protocol review will discuss the natural ingredients in foods contain natural that can help eradicate the virus.


The former career of Josh Parker was as a U.S. Army Special Ops Combat Medic. He created the Herpes Blitz Protocol program to get rid of herpes. The author had previous infection, but was asymptomatic. He even transmitted the virus to his girlfriend Emma. Unfortunately, the relationship did not work out it even caused Emma’s depression.

In the end, the symptoms of herpes were visible. Before he discovered the natural remedies of herpes, he used antiviral medicines, but they did not help him. However, there is still no treatment for genital herpes. Thus, the antiviral drugs he used were not a cure, but they just stopped the disease from getting worse. Also, there were some patients who used the drugs that had experienced negative effects. Most common side effects are fatigue, stomach upset, headache and worse kidney failure.

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His discovery of the medicine started when he was invited to attend a military training with the Moroccan army. He observed that women and men in the military camp had unprotected sexual activities and eventually suffered herpes.  He was wondering why the Moroccans were not infected with the virus. He also realized that the foods of the Moroccans were different from that of Americans. Their foods are natural that contain macronutrients important in controlling the virus.

What is all about Herpes Blitz Protocol?

The product was created to provide remedies to eliminate herpes naturally without taking or applying medicine on the affected area of the body. The disease is a type of sexually transmitted disease. However, even mothers during pregnancy can pass the virus to their babies. Also, if their immune system is weak, they could easily be infected by the virus.

The program was inspired by the Moroccan foods the benefits of which which the author decided to research on, particularly its components that was believed to fight HSV.

Josh Parker asked help from Charles Ellis, his scientist friend to find out natural foods that could possibly make the immune system strong and could help avoid the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). The foods contain polyphenol, a natural occurring macronutrients of foods, that will act as antioxidant once ingested into the body. The foods that were used in this program were proven to have curcumin, quercetin and resveratrol that act as natural remedies for herpes. These polyphenols helped the body restore from herpes and they have specific functions as both antiviral and anti-inflammatories.


It is an antioxidant that has been used as antiviral and even used as anti-inflammatory. It is confirmed that more than 50% of  the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and 2 (HSV-2) will be eliminated. Apple is an example of food that contains quercetin.


A golden color like the spice turmeric, it is commonly used in cooking. It can treat varieties of diseases. It has also an antiviral effect because it can stop the virus to replicate. Also, it weakens the virus from infecting the person and even enhances the immune system.


Foods have natural component of Resveratrol, such as grapes, blueberries and peanuts. It has an antioxidant and an antiviral effect. It also stops from reproducing and replicating herpes virus type 1 and 2.

Furthermore, the two phases of the program will further explain the benefits of the program.

The search phase

Enjoy the smoothies  for this period that will last until 7 days. The effects of drinking these smoothies will stop the infection and prevent the herpes virus from replicating and reproducing. To understand the process, LSD-1 protein, is an enzyme that will be blocked by the macronutrients found in the smoothies that will stop the virus from replicating and reproducing.

The destroy phase

Once, the herpes virus has stopped from replicating and reproducing after 7 days of drinking smoothies, this time, it enhances the immune system to prevent the virus from infecting the body again and will not show any symptoms. It will take 21 days, to complete this period. These are the recipes from the Moroccans soldiers who have a strong immune system and were not infected by the virus.

More benefits of Herpes Blitz Protocol

  • The 108 pages e-book can be downloaded.
  • It is also accessible and available in pdf format.
  • Overall, there are 28 days to complete the two phases of eliminating herpes simplex virus from the system.
  • It raises awareness about how to stop and prevent being infected by this virus.

There are two more bonuses of Herpes Blitz Protocol. Absolutely it is free!

  1. The immune protection protocol. The importance of the immune system is to keep the body safe and free from infection and other diseases. The objective of the program is to enhance the body’s immune system 14 days. Also, the program includes 25 recipes to enjoy.
  2. The sex drive stimulator. There are natural foods that are aphrodisiacs that can stimulate sex drive. These foods will increase the level of  hormones called oxytocin, which is responsible for an intimate acts between adults.

The pros 

  • Ingredients are natural. It contains the polyphenols such as curcumin, resveratrol and quercetin, which are proven and tested that it can control the virus from reproducing and replicating.
  • The content of the program is well-explained and easy to follow.
  • More benefits. The program raises awareness about how to improve the immune system. Thus, strengthening the immune system will help the body to avoid infection.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. If not satisfied of the product and found some side effects, the program provided 60-day money back guarantee.

However, there still no cure for herpes. The program will just give relief to the person who suffered from herpes. The program will help to stop the virus from replicating and reproducing. The importance of the product is people must be aware of how the disease is transmitted and must be very careful next time. Also, it is important to seek advice from the doctor if symptoms persist.

What is the cost?

The cost of the Herpes Blitz Protocol is $27 only including the two bonuses free of charge. There is no side effect of the product because all the ingredients are natural. Also, there is no need to drink any antibiotics in controlling the virus.

What people are saying about the Herpes Blitz Protocol?

There are a lot of people who tried to use the product. The program has natural ingredients of the food, especially these polyphenols, a natural macronutrients of the food that can provide remedies for herpes that act as antiviral and anti-inflammatory.

Here are some examples of the satisfied customers after using the product:

Riche from USA felt embarrassed every time he visits his doctor and buy the medicine at the pharmacy. When he heard about the program on Herpes Blitz Protocol he decided to try the program. He suffered the disease for 6 months, even if tried the other products given by the doctor. He even struggled with the side effects of the medicine. Fortunately, when he tried the program at the end of the phases his herpes was gone.

Another satisfied customer, Laura from Melbourne, Australia said that she was hesitant to try the program because she cannot believe how can a herpes be cured if there is no medicine. However, she still tried because it is all natural and no side effect. Luckily, there were no symptoms of the herpes anymore.

There are more reviews of satisfied customers that can be read online.

Herpes Blitz Protocol conclusion and recommendation

Overall, the product is strongly recommended. There is nothing to lose because of the 60-day money back guarantee. Most importantly, the ingredients are all natural. Aside from getting rid of the virus, it also strengthens the immune system of the person.

It is a challenge to someone if infected by this virus because  they will lose their self-confidence. Also, they are hesitant in seeking advice from their doctors. The Herpes Blitz Protocol review raises the awareness that herpes is a sexually transmitted disease.

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