Julianne Hough’s Wardrobe Malfunction Didn’t Seem to Bother Her at All

Julianne Hough is a dancer and she knows what it takes to wear risky outfits. She has worn a lot in her entire life. She didn’t suffer from a wardrobe malfunction during a stage performance, but while leaving a party. She was photographed with her nipple out because of her sheer dress. Julianne Hough’s wardrobe malfunction is not something that she really cares for at all.

During the wrap up party of Dancing with the Stars, Julianne Hough suffered from a wardrobe malfunction in this sheer dress.

She wore a very risky sheer dress since the panels could have easily exposed her private parts if not placed in the right area, and it happened.

Julianne suffered yet another wardrobe malfunction when she split both seams on the lower part of her hot pink dress.

Instead of feeling terrified, she made fun of the moment. She said that she may have danced too hard during the after party.

While she was photographed with her nipple out, she didn’t notice it, and so did her boyfriend. Perhaps, it was only later when they realized what happened.


Julianne loves wearing sexy outfits. Sometimes, she tends to forget that she is already exposing way too much skin.

She returned to DWTS as a judge and has worn a lot of revealing outfits. She even almost exposed herself twice during her time as a judge.

Julianne is a dancer and she will always dare to wear sexy clothes. It is already a part of who she is and she remains gorgeous as ever.

A lot of people could not stop talking about her nip exposure moment, but she didn’t seem to give a damn about it.

Julianne is the type of woman who has never been embarrassed of her body. As they say, when you have it, you flaunt it.